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Culture of Fun

Our goal is to provide an environment where losing a gun fight or losing a chase doesn't punish the player, but rewards all parties with a fun and engaging RP experience. 

Engaging Ruleset


We aren't here to micromanage your RP and have set out a clear ruleset that encourages roleplay over rule play. With that in mind we ask you to take every RP situation with an open mind and worry about rule breaks AFTER THE FACT. 

The staff will adjudicate rule breaks and punishments  based on the actual damage caused by the rule break. This means if something leads to a positive RP experience for all parties, the staff team would see no reason to intervene. We are not here to police every move you make, we are here simply to encourage positive, fun experiences and to protect our players rights to have those experiences.

You should not feel like the staff is looking over your shoulder at every moment.


  1. No racism, sexism or hateful prejudice - This is a community where we hope all players feel safe to play. Hateful conduct will not be accepted on this server.
  2. Harassment - No harassing other players, sexual or otherwise. Anything that leads to repeat aggressive pressure or borders on intimidation on an OOC level is against the server rules. This does not pertain to characters engaging in legitimate RP avenues and cannot be used for players to skirt the consequences of their in character actions. If you feel you are being harassed, feel free to open a ticket to talk about it and we can help advise you on a path forward.
  3. Roleplay first: You must be in character on the server at all times. Roleplay through the encounters in front of you. If there is a rule break report it AFTER the scenario has completed. (This does not pertain to major rule breaks like racism, sexual abuse or major harassment).
    • This is a community driven city, if you are offered roleplay you should reciprocate that roleplay. even if you are trying to grind. This is an RP server first and a game server second.
  4. No exploiting -If there is a mechanic that does not seem to be working as intended or that is over tuned(ex. emote spamming), report this to staff and stop using the mechanic. Also do not undertake actions which would exploit a situation (ex. combat logging, camping medical points, doing major crime mechanics 30 minutes after restart, forcing cops to drop PD equipment despite game mechanics preventing them from being robbed).
  5. Abusing Respawn Mechanics: You must not use the respawn mechanic unless you are unreachable by PD, medical or you are glitched.
  6. Green Zones: There are a number of areas on the server where kidnapping, robbing or assaulting (with weapons) are strictly prohibited. In addition camping the exits of these zones or purposefully fleeing or hiding in these zones to avoid active conflict is also strictly prohibited.
    • Hospitals (Inside and its parking areas)
    • Sandy Motel (Office and area around the office)
  7. Camping Teleports: There are numerous mechanics that "teleport" you to another location (elevators, housing doors etc). Holding someone up or immediately attacking someone out of one of these exits is strictly prohibited. Allow any exiting party the ability for counterplay (to gain cover or re-enter/exit the building). 
  8. Value your life - Value your life and the lives of those your character would value (Police with innocents/hostages, your friends and acquaintances etc). This includes when a gun is placed at your back or when you are unarmed, you must surrender unless you are planning to RP out the full consequences of your actions for story reasons (Ex. Planning to permadeath or other very serious permanent consequences like government job firing or permanent negative character drawbacks like not being able to shoot or drive.).
  9. No random death matching - No attacking or engaging in combat with another player without verbal RP interaction or being initiated into combat first, this includes with vehicles or drive-by's. You must give sufficient RP and counter play before shooting.
  10. No Metagaming - Metagaming is the act of using information your character has not gained in character. This could be information from streams, discord direct messages or other methods of OOC information consumption.
    1. We consider utilizing the Third Eye/Peek mechanic to raid player warehouses or hidden criminal locations as metagaming.
  11. No stream sniping - Support streamers by subscribing, promoting their streams and being a positive member of their community. Do not under any circumstance use a stream to gain information about a streamers needs or location to join them on the server.
  12. No Power gaming - Power gaming is the complete removal of a players agency in a situation. You must leave a player with at least some options for counter play in a scenario.
    • An example of counter play is giving a kidnapped player options to remedy their situation before harming them where the RP makes sense. 
    • The police as a mechanic does power game players that commit crime, however, police players should make an effort where possible to offer counter play where available.
  13. Consent When it comes to any graphic content (Outside of obvious GTA violence and humor), there must be consent between all parties that can see, hear or witness the content. This includes: 
    • Ex. Any form of extended torture RP or dismemberment RP.
    • Ex. Any reference to pregnancy complications including abortion or miscarriage RP.
  14. Heist Limits - 5 players max to a heist or crime mechanic. Police are limited to 8 unless the encounter has lasted over 25 minutes and is violent.
  15. Conflict Limits - To encourage a fun and engaging environment for all types of players, civilian and criminal conflicts are set to 5v5. HOWEVER, groups can agree to wave this conflict rule via the OOC chat. 
    1. Turf or Property: This is a small area or section (A small set of buildings or an interior) that you have sufficiently RPd with tags, RP, or government acknowledgement. This does not include large areas or regions. (You can't claim all of Little Seoul for defenders rights, only a piece as an example)
    2. If you are attacked on your turf or property and you have more than 5 people on your turf or property, your gang/group may defend yourselves however you may not allow people who were not on your turf at the time of the attack to engage over the numbers limit.
    3. You may not lead a conflict to your turf to circumvent numbers limits.
  16. Copyright music - Do not endanger content creators by playing copyrighted music in public, make every effort to protect content creators as it could jeopardize their livelihood. Inside clubs and bars with appropriate scenes + bouncers warning patrons is fine.
  17. Off server conduct - We are not here to police your personal relationships, while we will obviously remove anyone who does not align with our goals to creating a healthy, safe community, we are not interested in mediating personal disagreements between players. 
  18. Adult server:  This server is 18+ that means that humor and conversation topics could be adult in nature at times.
  19. Fail RP: If you are openly distorting the world for others around you with blatantly low RP quality or simply attempting to disrupt other players RP experience by being abnormally obnoxious and not taking the server seriously, we have every right to remove you to preserve our servers goal of a high quality RP server.
  20. Staff Toxicity: You are always welcome to constructively criticize the server, but please do not cross the line of being toxic towards staff. We have review policies in place where reports against staff (even owners) are reviewed independently without that staffs input, this also includes ban appeals.
  21. Ban Appeals: Sometimes given the context of a report - we cannot always safely allow you to stay in the discord. With that in mind you are fully able to use the Ban Appeal function on the website to argue or dispute details of your ban. The staff acknowledge that they are not infallible and there are the possibilities of mistakes in the administration of a ban. Additionally, the staff member who handled the ban will not deal with the ban appeal.
  22. Ocean Dumping: Dumping someone's body in the ocean is allowed for story purposes, however this must not be used as an attempt to force permadeath or memory loss. If a player is ocean dumped they are allowed to direct police to the location of they were originally downed to prevent abuse of evidence collection mechanics.