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October 8th, 2023 Changelog - Bennys and more (October 8, 2023 3:29 PM)

Bennys Customs

Completely custom racing game style Bennys menu
Chameleon colors added
Hex color chart added for easy custom colors
All customization options added
Full motorcycle customization available
Sleek camera movement with mouse drag


PD Hats now work properly
PD Clothing now all matches
PD Muscle and Fat options added to BCSO
PD Clothing refactored for performance


B Class Imports added and purchasable

Bug Fixes

Forbidden Fence removed near the VU
PD Challenger and Vette fixes
Acceleration fixes to PD cars
Players can no longer cheese respawns with escort
Animation cheese with progress bars fixed
Multiple animations bugs as a result of above fix, also fixed
Pickles eatable, so Rosa and the Pickle Princess can finally consume their pickles
Hot dog weight fixed
Civilian tows now pay
Tow notifications now remove
Tow progress bar timers changed
Fix to broken inventory items on use bricking your inventory
Radio no longer usable in cuffs
Ammo loss bug fix
Weapon will remove before going into minigames now
No longer grab garbage past the cap

Misc Feats

Search function for twitter and contacts
Registers added to restaurants. Add a bill for someone to pay at a register.
Scroll wheel increases amount in inventory
Use button and help sounds added for non-usable items

Weekly Recap (September 30, 2023 4:25 PM)

RAHE Development

Boosting icons changed
Turn off notifications in the laptop
Competition frequency increased
No more floating arrows
Correct display some coordinates that were broken


Greyed out orders after completing delivery fixed
Peds not spawning on deliveries fixed


Boxing items added for the Boxing Event. With MP_Ped options available for everyone coming soon
Maze Bank Arena boxing ring microphones added
Waifu Pillows added for the VU
Waifu Pillow set added for VU

Character Creator

NUI Error on character select fixed
Fix chat activating on character creation and select screens


Gun License required for Sandy Ammunation

Civilian Jobs

Salvage NPC moved
Garbage exploits fixed
Harmony Repair fully implemented


Move while holding alt


Blips performance increased - removing time out crashes.
Police body type options added for MP_Freemode_Peds. Muscular and Fat options available for LSPD.
Multiple police items refactored to work better with hair and match the new uniforms.

Weed Warehouses

Player limit to hit a warehouse
Can no longer move far away while separating buds
Breaching multiple times no longer spawns multiple sets of guards

3D Environment

The environment is changing as we approach october
Added Hornbills stripclub


Fix issue with not being able to unflag plates.
Added notifications when flagging and unflagging plates so players can know that the plate is successfully flagged, along with the reason, and unflagged. The notification will also inform the player if the plate they are unflagging isn't flagged in the first place.

Action Mode

Removing action mode: Makes it so after punching, the player isn't stuck squared up for 30 full seconds.

Changelog 09/23 (September 23, 2023 3:31 PM)

Delivery Driving

Increased delivery split on a certain secret mechanic from 70%-84%

3D Changes

Sandy Shores revitalization project is underway with a brand new piece of the puzzle
Better Call Saul
New CVPI Model
New Explorer Model

Weed Ops

Laptops in warehouses are accessible by outside parties so they can be shutdown etc

Changelog - Sept 19th 2023 (September 22, 2023 7:18 PM)

Police & Crime

New ATM drilling controls - you should be pretty used to the new control mechanism
Can no longer sell weed to animals you degenerates
Actually removed Mesa from chopping. I borked it last time.

Weeds Warehouse

QoL improvements - you can check the status of each stage of growth
If you lost your Strain, you can set it up at the laptop in your warehouse - once.
Your warehouse workers aren't interested in buying your weed anymore


Construction happening at the north end of Sandy Airfield

Changelog - Sept 17th 2023 (September 22, 2023 7:18 PM)


Phone will popup with a 'peek' when you receive a call
Typo - no longer are callers 'Unkown
IRC Notifications will contain sender and message

Crime & Punishment

Removed the Mesa from boost configurations - no more unlimited chopping on the endless Mesa
The Work Boss in prison is a little more stingy with pay, but let's you work more


Various bug fixes for all sorts of warehouse goodies


Some missing and problem display tattoos have been removed


Ongoing updates to handling

Changelog - Sept 16th 2023 8pm Update (September 22, 2023 7:17 PM)

Police/Justice System

New MDT category for Court Cases
All government and police jobs can access/create Court Cases
Bulletins now function correct for police

Bugfixes / Tweaks

Joints stack to 100 instead of 10
Various 3rd Person Shooting exploits fixed
Drilling help text and bug fixes


1200 tattoo's added, including fades

Changelog - Sept 16th 2023 2pm Update (September 22, 2023 7:17 PM)


Various house robbery QOL including the hoarders of boom boxes, safe crazy targets, getting stuck in queue, and not being able to lockpick certain houses
The people of Los Santos are now tipping their drivers more often
Weed warehouse no longer has weed plants spilling their secrets to you, dude

Civ Jobs

Lumberjacks should no longer get spammed with error messages
The Prison work gang boss is more stringent about what jobs you can do and how often

Company Updates

Fleet Vehicles should now be functional


Queue should now remember your position AND your priority points acquired

Changelog - Sept 16th 2023 12am Update (September 22, 2023 7:16 PM)

Bug fixes & Updates

Fleet garage is operating correctly, missing vehicles will show there.
Weed growing and drying timed correctly.
Some security and breach changes to trap houses.
Court room clock ins added
Women can use /e joint now
Helicam rotation fixed
When you die in a warehouse it funcitons correctly
Queue has disconnect grace functioning correctly and lasts longer
Sheriff pants are no longer fuzzy
Unique art at Digiden based of the MLK memorial in Atlanta is working correctly.
Various visual occlusions fixed.

Changelog - Sept 14th 2023 8pm Update (September 22, 2023 7:15 PM)

General Updates

Various food and crafting QoL updates (weights, fish requirements, removing Pork as required item for Fish Fingers

Pawn Shop

Pawn guy is done being Iron Man, he's overstock, he doesn't want your stinkin' iron.

Changelog - Sept 14th 2023 12:30am Update (September 22, 2023 7:14 PM)

QoL and Bugfixes

Coffe Maker replacing blender and sellable in house robberies.
Marijuana notification fix.
Gang Rep text replaced with progress bar
Gang Rep text replaced with progress bar
Bunny Hopping now only triggers on second consecutive jump, as well as stamina drain.
Various boosting fixes
Chance for racing notifications show to PD
House Robbery fixes
Helicopter fuel drain increased.
ATM exploit fixed
Various robbery state glitches fixed
Group issues fixed
Fixed certain boost spawns not appearing
Adjusted contract rarity
Reward adjustments
Vehicles delete correctly

Changelog - Sept 11th 2023 (September 22, 2023 7:14 PM)


Multiple Phone Fixes
Notification fixes
Weird typing error fixed.
Various other back end phone fixes.
Various other back end phone fixes.
*Repairs enabled on planes and helicopters.


Gang reputation activated.
Multiple gang mechanics activated
Ability to accumulate guns, heavier armor and other secrets.
Ability to gain a gang trap house.
Full weed system implemented with warehouses.


Time gained priority decreased to one every 20 minutes.

Changelog - Sept 8th 2023 (September 22, 2023 7:13 PM)

Sandy Motel

You should be able to easily access your wardrobe in your motel room now


ATM's should hopefully stop rotating in place after being robbed


Ongoing vehicle handling

Changelog - Sept 7th 2023 (September 22, 2023 7:13 PM)

Police & Crime

Updates to map blips
Updates to Dispatch, removing ghost officers


Notifications should no longer interrupt your typing - AND you'll be able to click to accept jobs etc
Documents viewing and editing now larger, and scrollable


Garage opened at the Sandy Motel! Valet service now available.
Ongoing handling changes


Ongoing clothing updates and requests
Right Click, Drag and spin to your hearts content for a better view into your fashion choices

Changelog - Sept 6th 2023 (September 22, 2023 7:12 PM)


New LSPD Uniforms
New LSPD Uniforms


Phone bug when jailed fixed
Phone reloading fixed


New boosting config

Changelog - Sept 1st 2023 10am Update (September 22, 2023 7:11 PM)


Fixes for delays and lockups when using third eye / treatments (fingers crossed)

Police & Crime

Bonus! Fixed rolling joint

Changelog - August 31st 2023 4pm Update (September 22, 2023 7:10 PM)

Fashion Beauty

Kinks have been worked out of our plastic surgeon - he has permanent solutions now instead of temporary botox

Police & Crime

The man in the orange vest has had his helium removed. Might be packin' some interesting stuff.

Inventory Change

We are changing some things with our inventory, this should help with a lot of the crashes we've been experiencing. All of your inventories will be backed up once the server goes down for maintenance. There will be a live stress test of the new inventory backend. We should know quickly if there are any problems, but.. If there are any major issues, we will be reverting this change and you may lose any post-restart changes to your inventory. 

Changelog - August 31st 12pm Update (September 22, 2023 7:08 PM)

Police & Crime

Drills for ATMs are now multi use / have durability
Improvements on Ropes and Sync'ing for ATM pulls


Shouldn't fall over after a hop skip and a jump anymore - but you will slow down.
Random well dressed man at the docks has gone away

Changelog - August 28th 2023 5:30pm Update (September 22, 2023 7:05 PM)

PD & Crime

Sandy PD has had it's facilities upgraded. Lockerroom and ability to clock on are now available. Fixed a few unlocked doors
Removed ability to attach to standalone ATMs (you could try before, but man were they stuck in cement)


Fixed duplicate Transmission 4 upgrade list. Engine 4 upgrade now listed properly


Can now spawn at St Fiacre, Casino, Courthouse and the Sandy PD will spawn you in the Sandy PD lobby.
Blips for stores / PDs that no longer exist have been removed from the world map
Infinite loading bug has been fixed - no more getting stuck at character loading

Civ Jobs

Fix to fishing payouts been patched

Ped Updates

Sound on slider drag for customizations have been disabled
PED modifications at the clothing Store should now work.


Pawn shop guy is back from his vacation - good thing he's saved up his cash, I bet he's got a few things to buy


Hotbar and on use iconography have reduced sizing
Constantly evolving new and replaced icons

HUD Update

Round Progress HUD should update correctly
Round Progress HUD should update correctly

Tattoo Shop

Ability to change camera view now possible

Changelog - Augst 28th 5pm Update (September 22, 2023 6:57 PM)


Your characters date-of-birth will now show the correct date. No more 1990!
When deleting a character it should actually delete the one you want to delete.
Incorrect spawns on the spawn map should now show their correct location.


There is now face options (similar to the creator) inside the clothing store to change your characters appearance (Plastic Surgery).
When using the tattoo parlour you can now select different views.


The inventory now scales correctly on all different resolutions.
The hotbar has been decreased in size to not fill up a big section of your screen.
The "Use" icon has also been decreased in size to not be distracting.

*3D Dev

Visual occlusions at Ottos and Tow/Bennys are now fixed.

Changelog - August 28th 9am Update (September 22, 2023 6:43 PM)

*Police & Crime

Fixed PD's House Robbery Blip
Balanced rewards for ATMS and Registers
Fixed a few bugs for House Robberies, including waitlisting bugs


Some NPCs have had their helium released


Small gold ore tweak.
Planks from the logging job shouldn't fall through the world anymore.

Prodigy 1.0 Forward - August 28th 2023 Update (September 22, 2023 3:37 PM)


Brand new crisp minimap design. (Modifiable with /hud)
Refreshed street names and locations (Modifiable with /hud)
New HUD icons (Modifiable with /hud)
New speedometer, seatbelt and engine icons.
New circular hud iconography.
*Refreshed inventory
100's of redone item images.
New inventory split mechanics
Refreshed design.
*New character creation menus
More ped options
More ped options
Redesigned UI
More streamlined options.
More Barber shop and clothing options, including ability to change ped.
*New Third-Eye menu
Refreshed colors
Help circles when pressing alt for interactions.
No longer able to punch when third eye-ing.
*List Menus Redesigned
Cleaner design
Lists organize better.
*New Vehicle Menu
Seamlessly open doors, windows, trunks and turn on engine on the fly.
Seamlessly open doors, windows, trunks and turn on engine on the fly.
Give keys to all people in the car from the circular menu.
*Brand new notifications
Cleaner and smaller.

Criminal Features

*RAHE Racing
Full application for racing with ELO system
Custom features to Prodigy RP
Styled to Prodigy RP
*RAHE Boosting
Full boosting App (That actually works)
Visual Rep progression
Clean interface and design
Ability for admins to grant boosts for storylines
VIN Scratching (That actually works)
*Drug Dealing
Ped selling enabled, with 100's of outcomes.
Corner enabled by reputation increase
*Gang Weed Ops
Find a way to unlock the path to raising your reputation with a weed grow operation.
Upgrades that visually update in front of your eyes.
Fully contestable between gangs.
Make your own strains - let other criminals distribute your strains to raise your gang notoriety.
Bulk brick sales (King of the hill contestable with other gangs)
Breechable and destroyable.
*Gang trap house
Grind your gang rep to obtain a trap house
Obtain custom storage
Buy upgrades the update visually.
NPCs come to visit with special offers.
*Refactored ATMs
Pull ATMs
Hack ATMs
Drill ATMs
*Refactored House Robberies
Visually steal items from the home.
High end mechanics added to robberies
More tiers
Less abusability
Very cool options added.
*Progression based heists
Structure added for progression based heists, more variety.
More laundering options available for civilians

Civilian Features

Interactive mining
Custom sound effects
Custom particle effects
Individual mining nodes that visually show the metal you can mine.
Interactive gathering
Custom sound effects
Custom particle effects
Interactive refining
*Delivery Jobs
Tied to restaurants
Cook is rewarded.
Driver is rewarded.
Business is rewarded.
Fully animated with props/npcs
1000's of delivery locations.
*Refactored crafting lists
*Refactored rewards
*Multiple new car dealerships
*Multiple new business options to work with the Mayors office to own.
*Tons of new imports (Release schedule to come)

Balance and Fixes

*Bunny hopping now punishes player in chases
*Queue priority distributes appropriately
*Lockpicking changes
*No more credit decrease for arrests
*Car pricing rebalanced
*Strip clubs are speedier
*More stress punishment
*PD Handling Rework
*3D Work
LA Roads added
Various interior changes and removals
Refactored Native Audio Occlusion

Clothing Update - April 05 2023 (April 5, 2023 10:31 PM)

Clothing Update

Fixed Clothing Texture Loss (please report if still found)
Fixed Kutte textures
Added new & matching Katana textures
Added Left & Right eye patches to Masks & Accessories
Added some Female round shades

Changelog 21 - March - 2023 (March 21, 2023 5:09 PM)

3D Features

St. Fiarce Hospital added
St. Fiarce locks, elevators and medical features added.
Hospital fleet added with new liveries.
St. Fiarce beds usable
Full LSPD clothing and accessories added
Full medical uniforms and accessories added
Handling completed to A class
300+ Clothing options added


Tennis added
Pool added
Arm Wrestling added
Pleasure Pier on Del Perro Pier activities enabled
240+ Tattoo's added
Bank Robbery tiers added
Screen fade and illness effects re-enabled
Ability to ping your own life alert delayed to allow time for scenes to settle and prevent impulse button presses
NPC Peds calling medical is now alerted to the player.
OOC chat options for global and proximity.
Hands up hotkey added to F5
St. Fiarce spawnpoint added
Better log formatting
Hotwiring can now be done multiple times, instead of one time and a permanent lockout
Crime logging added
Hairtie commands added
Surrender hotkey added. (Mara Fox keybind)
Screenshot basic and discord screenshot re-enabled
Prodigy server -> Website API properly integrated and working
Rockstar editor enabled with /commands and bindable hotkeys. Fully working with interiors
Makeup color 2 support added
Death emote re-enabled
Vin Scratching added
Boosting laptop and queue fully implemented
Boosting fully functional for D through B class

Patch 1.1 (March 13, 2023 9:44 AM)

Front End Bugs

Fixed broken image on admin panel
Fixed broken image on welcome e-mails
Added correct store link to "Support Us"
Fixed various other broken images.


Box upgraded from 2 cores to 8
Upgrades from 2GB memory to 8GB memory
Quadrupled connection speed


Account lock out is way less sensitive and times out for a shorter period of time.

Changelog 22 - Feb - 2023 (February 22, 2023 6:39 AM)

Changelog 22 - Feb - 2023

Police MDT fines and automatically sentences players to jail upon filing charges. No more /commands
Police no longer receive 15% cut in fines levied - 100% goes to the Mayors account.
Fixed text on choplist notification.
Blackmarket crafting enabled for all blackmarket items (vests, guns, vpns etc)
Race creation from phone re-implemented
Moneywash launderer randomly rotates by date and syncs between players.
Heist NPC implemented with bank contracts scaling on reputation.
Banks no longer robbable without contract
Bank queue implemented, no more having to stand at a bank door for hours! You'll get notified when the heist is a go!
Framework enabled for buying businesses from the phone
Realtor system functioning and app active
Home Mortgages active

Changelog 18 - Feb - 2023 (February 19, 2023 9:38 AM)

Changelog 18 - Feb - 2023

Added Money Laundering NPC
Added Interiors from LB Customs
Added pinup bilboard above PDM
Added audio occlusion
Added new car pack
Alter player death
Removed visual effects on player death
Fix EMS bandages
Removed ability for PD to heal players fully
Fixed starter apartment instancing issue
Enabled Real Estate job
Added PD Dispatch logs to Discord
Added /report to log to Discord
Edit default keybinds
Fixed bank second door unlocks
Updated weed sales
Rotate Weed shady character location